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Incredible Luxury Homes In Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a place of unparalleled beauty and luxury. Sedona’s luxury real estate market is thriving, with many active listings above $2 million. These properties have higher quality finishes, more architectural design, and thought put into the landscaping, making them unique and special.

The average price for these luxury properties is around $3.2 million, and they tend to stay on the market for longer than regular houses. However, this is also a great time to buy, as prices have been reduced by 10% from listing to sale, and it is before the busy season when tourism will start to pick up. Additionally, owning a luxury property in Sedona is a great way to offset costs by renting it out when not in use.

One property that stands out in the luxury market is Harvest Lane five, which is currently pending under contract for $2.6 million. This property has the perfect mix of luxury and practicality, with all its modern amenities and facilities:

  • High-end living spaces.
  • A beautiful garden area.
  • An open kitchen concept.
  • Plenty of outdoor space to enjoy.

Plus, its location is unbeatable, with an infinity pool right by the windows to enjoy stunning views of Track Canyon and beyond while still being within walking distance to Bell Rock.

The beauty of Sedona is truly undeniable, and it never gets old, no matter how many times you experience it. Even in the busy seasons with its congested traffic, there are still breathtaking views of Red Rocks and Blue Sky. I’m grateful every day to call such a beautiful place my home. I hope that others can take advantage of what this area offers – not just with second homes or vacation rentals but also by taking a hike up Bell Rock or visiting one of the other incredible sites for which this region is known.

Sedona is more than just a place – it’s an experience. And I’m glad we get to share this beauty with the world. So visit and make your memories here! We’d love to have you join us to see why this area is so special.

If you’re interested in learning more or looking for properties in Sedona, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll be glad to help you. With its unparalleled beauty, there’s something here for everyone – no matter what your ideal home looks like! So whether you’re looking for a luxurious property with breathtaking views or a place to make memories, Sedona has something for everyone. So come and explore this magical place and discover why it’s so special.

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