What is the current Short Term Rental climate in Sedona? Is there money to be made?

Current Short Term Rental Climate In Sedona Is There Money To Be Made

Today, we bring you insights from Chad McMahan, an experienced real estate agent specializing in investment and short-term rentals in the picturesque city of Sedona, Arizona. In this blog, Chad shares valuable information on the current short-term rental climate in Sedona and the key factors that can contribute to your success in this market.

Understanding the Shift in Short-Term Rental Landscape:

Chad begins by highlighting a notable shift in the short-term rental landscape in Sedona. Initially, over 21 percent of housing units were designated as short-term rentals, but this figure has decreased to around 16 percent. Contrary to the notion that short-term rentals are less successful in the area, Chad attributes this shift to a lack of guidance for property owners and investors.

The Need for Specialized Guidance:

Chad emphasizes the importance of having a real estate agent with expertise in short-term rentals. While many agents may claim they can handle such transactions, not all possess the necessary knowledge to guide clients effectively. Short-term rentals require a different approach compared to traditional real estate transactions, resembling more of a commercial venture with considerations such as return on investment, cash flow, and risk versus reward.

Success Amidst the Changing Climate:

Despite the decrease in the percentage of short-term rentals, Chad points out that the current climate is excellent for those well-informed and well-supported. Occupancy rates have actually increased, with clients now averaging around 85 percent – a significant improvement from the national average of just over 60 percent.

Critical Criteria for Successful Short-Term Rentals:

Chad underlines the importance of specific criteria for short-term rentals’ success. He encourages prospective investors to look for properties meeting certain standards and offers additional resources, including videos, for further guidance on these essential criteria.

Comprehensive Support for Success:

Beyond just real estate transactions, Chad stresses the need for comprehensive support. A successful short-term rental venture involves connecting with top property managers, photographers, reliable cleaners, and other essential services. Having an agent who can guide and network you through these steps is invaluable.

Navigating the First Three to Six Months:

Chad cautions against underestimating the challenges in the first few months of a short-term rental venture. He advises potential investors to seek an agent who can provide realistic expectations and guide them through potential pitfalls, helping weather the initial storm to achieve long-term success.

The short-term rental climate in Sedona is thriving, and Chad McMahan’s expertise serves as a beacon for those looking to invest wisely in this market. Aspiring investors are encouraged to reach out for consultations, leveraging Chad’s wealth of experience with no strings attached. Good luck to all the budding short-term rental entrepreneurs out there!

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