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The Ultimate Guide To Sedona Home Buyers What To Consider

Real estate in Sedona, Arizona is full of beautiful options regarding architectural design. From modern and contemporary homes to cozy Southwest-inspired residences, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re buying a home or remodeling an existing one, taking into account the style of your home should be an important part of the process.


Regarding architectural design, Allegra Buillet from the Equity Team is an expert. As a resident of Sedona and a real estate designer with years of experience, she’s seen it all when it comes to real estate in the area — from small studio apartments to sprawling houses on large properties. Most recently, she’s been helping clients take their homes in Sedona up a notch by providing creative solutions that fit their needs and budget.

Concept and design are the most important parts of any architectural plan. “I definitely help my clients with that,” Allegra said when asked about her services. She also provides assistance with color and finishes, helping clients to create a space that’s truly their own. “I like to empower them and help them find what they really want out of their home and property.”


When finding the right design for a home in Sedona, Allegra suggests looking for something that speaks to you. “If you say, ‘I really like Southwest homes,’ then keep to that — your truth — of saying, ‘I’m just going to look for Southwest homes because that’s what I love.’ Knowing that’s one of the styles here is helpful for buyers or sellers when it comes time to make decisions about their next home.” If modern isn’t your thing, but earthy tones with brass accents and wood are, Allegra suggests considering those when making decisions.

Allegra is passionate about helping her clients create a home that reflects their style and makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. Ultimately, she hopes to help them create an environment where they can truly be one with themselves. “Walking the hallway, whenever you open the door to a room, you’re like, ‘Ah, I love this room.’ That’s really what you want — for your space to rejuvenate you after a long day of work or just because it feels great to be home.”

Whether looking for something contemporary or leaning towards something warm and cozy, there are plenty of options for architectural design in Sedona. Take the time to consider your style and the design you want for your home — with the help of an expert like Allegra Buillet, you can create a truly yours space.

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